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TweetBuffer is all about making content curation easy, seamless and effective. With a minimum investment of time on your side.

Hit the ground running and use TweetBuffer right away - by configuring Tweetbuffer in 5 simple steps.

Promote Your Page

Your page can be a homepage or a blog, which contains the material that you want to promote using social media.

The promoted content typically educates your target customer. Ideally, it provides insights or practical tips that the customer can apply immediately. The content should not include sales or purchase pages.

Your page needs to provide a so-called feed. The feed can be an rss-feed, atom-feed or rdf-feed. Most Blogs (e.g. wordpress) provide it out of the box. Look for the feed icon on your page.

Content Curation Source:
Your Favorite Page or Blog

Which content do you want to curate?

Your favorite homepage or blog contains high quality content. It should be both relevant to your audience and thematically related to your page (set up in the previous step).

It needs to provide a so-called feed. The feed can be an rss-feed, atom-feed or rdf-feed. Look for the feed icon on the homepage or blog.

The Best of TweetBuffer

Get all the most advanced features of TweetBuffer.

Sign up now for a FREE 30-day trial of TweetBuffer Pro. After the trial it is 29.99 USD/month. Cancel anytime during the trial period or later. Why? Because we want happy customers :)

Connect Pocket

As part of your TweetBuffer Pro subscription you may use Pocket to store all your favorite sites for curation.

Just connect your existing Pocket account in the following steps.

If you chose not to do this now, or you need to sign up for a new Pocket account, you can connect Pocket anytime later on the settings page.

All Set!

You can now start curating content with TweetBuffer.

Follow the Step by Step Tutorial to get started. And just try using TweetBuffer. It's simple.

Any further questions? Let us know on @tweetbuffer.

  1. TweetBuffer Tutorial

    This step by step tutorial walks you through the main functionality of TweetBuffer.

  2. Step 1

    To start the tutorial on any page, click on this symbol.

  3. Step 2

    Reach all the functionality of TweetBuffer via this menu.

  4. Next: Curator

    Create call-to-actions. Go to the curator.