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  1. Curator

    Find the best content and link it back to your own homepage.

    The curator allows you to match the content producced by others with your own content, produce a call-to-action and publish the call-to-action on twitter.

    On the left side of the curator you have the content produced by other people. Select the best and most relevant content for our audience. This is curation.

    On the right side you see your own content. Select the content that matches the curated content.

    Create a call-to-action from the curated content to your own content. Make it compelling!

    Publish the call-to-action on twitter.

  2. Step 1

    Find the content you want to use for the call-to-action. The content is typically produced by other people.

    The content is listed in the cards on the left side.

    Let's build an example. Click on this card now! Then click "Next".

  3. Step 2

    Select your own content.

    The content is listed in the cards on the right side.

    Click on this card now! Then click "Next".

  4. Step 3

    TweetBuffer creates a call-to-action, linking the curated content to your own content.

    Preview the call-to-action here. See the call-to-action box with your logo?

  5. Step 4

    TweetBuffer creates a tweet to get your audience on the call-to-action page.

    Preview how your tweet will appear on Twitter.

  6. Step 5

    Found anything that you want to change in the call-to-action or the tweet? For example the image or the text?

    In this case, you may open the detailed view, edit the necessary details and preview the changes.

  7. Step 6

    TweetBuffer is ready to create the call-to-action page and the tweet. The tweet is put into a buffer, where it is kept for future publication according to a predefined schedule.

    Click the Button "Put into Buffer" now. Then click "Next".

  8. Done

    You now know how to create a call-to-action and place it into the buffer.

    Your call-to-action is now in the buffer, waiting to be scheduled for publication on Twitter.

    In the following we go through some frequently asked questions.

  9. FAQ: Where does the Content come from?

    You can choose from different content sources in this dropdown: Feedly, Pocket, Webhose, TweetBuffer or Feeds.

    Before you can use these content sources, you first need to cnfigure them under settings.

  10. FAQ: How can I add an interesting blog post or URL?

    Enter the URL in this box and hit return (or click ). It will show up in your TweetBuffer List.

  11. FAQ: How can I find a post in my own list of blog posts?

    Use the keyword search. Type the keyword here and press enter (or click ). your blog posts matching the keyword will be highlighted.

    When you want to take away the highlighting, just click on .

  12. FAQ: How can I add an additional interesting URL?

    Enter the URL in this box and hit return (or click ). It will show up in the list below.

  13. FAQ: I just published a new blog post and it does not show up here.

    Your own content is updated every 24 hours. If the latest blog posts don't show up here, click for a refresh button.

  14. Next: Buffer

    All call-to-actions end up in the buffer. Go to the buffer.